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The Crew

Racingtiteln The Crew spelas aktivt av fem miljoner gamers

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Jösses Amalia! Utbrast undertecknad när jag läste under natten att Ubisofts expansiva onlineracer The Crew avnjuts av fem miljoner aktiva spelare vilket är helt sinnessjukt bra. För att fira den magiska siffran har utvecklarna Ivory Tower släppt lös information rörande spelets bäst bevarande hemlisar. Såhär skriver teamet på den officiella Playstation-bloggen:

Hi there! I'm the Community Developer at Ivory Tower working on The Crew. The game has just reached 5 million players and we are so grateful to have such an amazing community that we wanted to share some of the game's best hidden secrets.

Being a witness of our players' discoveries and creations, I know for a fact that you have discovered a lot of what our big world has to offer... but not everything! So here's our little gift to you: five inside fun facts you (probably) didn't know.

(1) In-game pedestrians are Ivory Tower team members!
Some of us actually have an in-game doppelganger, including executive producer Ahmed Boukhelifa, game director Stephane "Fergus" Beley... and yes, I'm in there too.

Originally, we thought that since we were building a living world, what better way to populate it than with people from the team? However, not everyone could be included: beards are a bit problematic to recreate, so only women and clean-shaven men were part of the casting. The process itself took a few days, taking several pictures of the selected team members before integrating them to the game. Fun fact: the bodies don't always match the faces, so some doppelgangers are actually taller or shorter that their original self. You have to admit, though: we all dodge the traffic like athletes!

(2) You can drop by the schoolhouse from Hitchcock's The Birds and check out the wedding chapel from Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol. 2
The Crew is obviously deeply rooted in American movie culture, with the USA providing the setting for many famous road-trip movies and legendary car chases. But we thought we'd give the world a few more Hollywood references for our players to discover.

One of them is from Hitchcock's The Birds, reminding us of one of the movie's most nerve-wracking scenes, when the birds attack the students running away "as fast as they can" from their school. Well, if you drive just North of San Fransisco, in Bodega Bay, you'll be greeted by a flock of crows in front of the emblematic schoolhouse.

You'll see another wink to a great movie on the road just east from Monument Valley. On the west side of the road is an exact replica of the wedding chapel where Beatrix Kiddo aka "The Bride" dodges just enough bullets to start her epic journey to vengeance.

Läs resten av de fem hemligheterna på Playstation Blog.

The Crew

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The Crew

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