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Welcome to Gamereactors Nordic Rainbow Six: Siege League!

Fight for the right to call yourself the best PS4 team in the Nordic region!

The league is set to Bo1 Round-Robin Group Stage.
1st placed teams in each Group advance to Bo1 Single Elimination Playoffs.


Winning team in Playoffs::
5x Rainbow Six: Siege T-shits
5x Razer Raiju PS4 controllers


See complete rules by clicking HERE!

Online Tournament
Registration ends: August 30th
Match start: August 31st
Finals: September 2nd
Platform: PS4
Format: 5v5
Group Stage: Bo1 Round-Robin
Finals: Bo1 Single Elimination

You have to be 16+ years old to participate in the tournament.

If you’re between the age of 13-15, you need consent from your parents.

Send a mail to [email protected]