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Welcome to the Gamereactor 2v2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive League sponsorered by HyperX


Gamereactor Nordic Discord

Welcome to our 2v2 CS:GO-turnering in corporation with HyperX

You compete for a prize of 1000 Euro and a massive HyperX prize package for both you and your team mate.

Is your team the best in the Nordics? Do you want bragging rights beyound your wildest dreams? Sign up now, or if you are feeling adventurous, Gamereactor will match up individual players to make new teams. After signing up and creating your team, an option to invite a team-mate directly to your team will be given.

All teams play the qualifying round against each other on the 29th of October, with the final 8 teams going to the finals on Sunday the 30th of October.

All team members must be legal citizens of, and legal residents in one of the four Nordic countries, but mixed teams are fully allowed.

Signups end on the 27th of October 2022 at 23.59 CEST.


1st place: €1000, two packages of HyperX gear: Cloud alpha Wireless headset, Alloy origins 65 keyboard, Pulsefire Haste Black mouse and Pulsefire Mat L mouse pad.

2nd place:Cloud II wireless headset, Alloy Origins 60, Pulsefire Haste Black mouse and Pulsefire Mat L mouse pad.

3rd place:Cloud II headset, Alloy Origins Core keyboard, Pulsefire Haste Black mouse and Pulsefire Mat L mouse pad.


Elimination: 29/10 2022 @ 12.00 CEST

Quarte-, semi- and finals: 30/10 @ 15.00 CEST


See all the rules here: HER

Signup start: September 29th 2022
Signup end: October 27th 2022
Turnament start: October
Qualification: October 29th 2022
Finals: October 30th
Platform: PC
Format: 2v2
Match format: BO3
Overtime: MR3
End game: BO3


Age limit is at least 16 years old, those younger than 16 but 13 or older can participate if a parent or legal guardian sends consent not later than the 26th of October 2022 to [email protected]

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